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Pharmacy Programs

Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy

Our Adherence Pharmacy programs have a significant positive impact on patient medication adherence rates and health outcomes, making our proven and focused approach to medication adherence an integral part of any disease management or managed care initiative. Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy provides medication adherence services that not only improve the coordination and communication of health services between providers and the patient but also empowers the patient to manage their difficult medication regimen while improving their health and quality of life.

340B Contract Pharmacy Program

Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy provides 340B Contract Pharmacy Services and contracts with covered entities inclusive of:

•   Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Grantees (A, B, C, D and F)

•   Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics

•   Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alikes

•   Community Health Centers

•   Migrant Health Centers

•   Health Care for the Homeless

•   Health Centers for Residents of Public Housing

•  Tribal / Urban Indian Health Centers

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy provides customized pharmacy services for clinics that provide community-based services for people with mental illness.

Managed Care/Disease Management

Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy contracts directly with managed care or disease management organizations to provide Adherence Pharmacy services to their chronically ill subset of patients. Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy’s Adherence Pharmacy products and services offers these organizations an alternative to expensive institutionalized care.

Individual Patients

Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy will contract with individual patients, or their respective caregivers, to provide comprehensive Adherence Pharmacy services inclusive of adherence tools, adherence training and remote medication monitoring.

Mission Statement

Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy’s mission is to be the industry leader in improving medication adherence for individuals with chronic illnesses who are prescribed multiple medications. In a healthcare industry focused on improved outcomes to reduce costs, medication adherence is and will continue to be a key factor in accomplishing these objectives. Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy utilizes exciting innovative technologies that will improve medication adherence for thousands of customers who have confusing and complicated drug regimens which in turn will improve their quality of life. Simply put, our proven and focused approach to medication adherence is an integral part of our customer-centered clinical, managed care and disease management program.

Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy’s vision is the manageability of complex pharmaceutical regimes that promotes the safe, effective and consistent use of medication tailored to all people’s unique health and wellness needs.

Specialty Pharmacy Services

At Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy we provide treatments for the following conditions:


•   PrEP

•   nPEP

•   Hepatitis C

The services and care offered by Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy goes beyond having prescriptions filled. Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy offer a Patient Management Program that assists our patients to achieve the best outcomes from their medication therapies while helping both the payer and provider manage cost.

Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy offer a person first approach with services that have been shown to help improve health outcomes. These services are offered under the direction of senior clinical pharmacists and trained competent staff and offer the highest quality of care possible.

Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy trained clinicians help each patient with their individual and unique needs, offering free consultations while communicating with other members of your healthcare team. The Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy pharmacists who have oversight of the Patient Management Program hold a doctorate degree in pharmacy.

Our Patient Management Program includes several components:

•   Medication Adherence Program

•   Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

•   Drug Utilization Review (DUR)

•   Patient Assessments, individualized Care Plans and Education

•   Coordination of Care and Services

•   Ongoing Performance Quality Improvement Program

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