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340B Contract Pharmacy Program

Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy

340B Contract Pharmacy Program..

The 340B Drug Pricing Program exists to enable Covered Entities to stretch scarce federal resources as far as possible in order to reach more eligible patients and provide more comprehensive services. Covered Entities participating in the 340B Drug Pricing Program may contract with pharmacies to dispense drugs purchased through the program on their behalf. Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy offers a variety of 340B contracting opportunities for Covered Entities, and all include our Adherence Pharmacy services.


As part of our 340B contract pharmacy services, Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy specializes in the practice of Adherence Pharmacy, or helping our patients manage their complicated medication regimens. Our Adherence Pharmacy services are proven to improve patient medication adherence rates which improve patient outcomes, promote better health, and will improve a Covered Entity’s bottom line. It’s a fact… an adherent patient population provides more revenue to a Covered Entity’s 340B pharmacy program, which allows the Covered Entity to provide more services to more patients. By using of our medication adherence tools, adherence training and specialty pharmacy services, patients are empowered to manage their difficult medication regimens while improving their health and quality of life.

Mail-Meds has received the honor of being accredited by the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC), a non-profit organization that helps promote healthcare quality through the accreditation of organizations involved in medical care services.

Our Adherence Pharmacy program offers:

•   Clinical Patient Management Program
     +   Clinical Pharmacist available 24 / 7 / 365 via phone or video link
     +   Monthly medication delivery / pick-up reminders (call, text, or email)
     +   Automatic prescription refill requests sent to healthcare providers
•   All medications aligned for one monthly delivery or pick-up
•   Adherence packaging (Medbox™)
•   Automatic prescription refills
•   Financial assistance programs to reduce or eliminate copays and OOP expenses
•   Patient Assistance Program enrollment
•   Friendly multilingual pharmacy staff
•   Expertise in infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis C)
•   Pharmacists American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVP) certified

340B Pharmacy Options

Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy can provide Adherence Pharmacy services to a contracted Covered Entity remotely, from its nearest Fully Automated Adherence Pharmacy, or from a Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy on-site pharmacy that operates our Adherence Pharmacy business model at the Covered Entity’s facility. Our on-site Adherence Pharmacy can be either a compact Satellite Adherence Pharmacy staffed by a single clinical pharmacist or a Fully Automated Adherence Pharmacy staffed for high volume prescription processing.


Remote Fully Automated Adherence Pharmacy

Patients of the Covered Entity are provided pharmacy and pharmaceutical services from the nearest Mail-Meds Fully Automated Adherence Pharmacy. Prescriptions are available to patients for pick-up or local delivery.


On-Site / Satellite Adherence Pharmacy

Designed for Covered Entities with limited available space or a limited number of eligible patients. Our On-Site / Satellite Adherence Pharmacy is placed inside the Covered Entity’s facility and staffed with a single clinical pharmacist who provides on-site clinical pharmacy services inclusive of first dose and emergency dose dispensing services. Ongoing prescription fulfillment is provided by the nearest Mail-Meds Remote Fully Automated Adherence Pharmacy allowing the on-site clinical pharmacist to focus on patient education, medication adherence, chronic care management and other patient-centric services.


On-Site / Fully Automated Adherence Pharmacy

Fully staffed dispensing pharmacy comprised of clinical pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy support personnel, pharmacy software and pharmacy automation equipment. Our On-Site Fully Automated Adherence Pharmacy has the ability to fill and dispense medications in both traditional amber vials and our Medbox™ Personalized Pill Box System for customer pick-up or local delivery.


Collaborative Practice Model

Pharmacists can improve patient’s health and the health care delivery system if they are part of the patient’s health care team. One way to meet this objective is with a Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA). As part of our 340B pharmacy services, Mail-Meds can incorporate a Collaborative Practice Agreement within its 340B contract pharmacy agreement and provide the Covered Entity with an onsite clinical pharmacist as part of their health care team. Patient care services provided by pharmacists can reduce fragmentation of care, lower health care costs, and improve health outcomes.

For an on-site 340B pharmacy presentation and facility analysis please contact:

(800) 939-2022 ext 3033


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