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“The In 2011 my son was diagnosed with a life threatening disease and was prescribed 8-10 different medications… some of them 2-3 times daily. It was very difficult for us and him to keep up with.


At one of my sons medical appointments his doctor suggested the option of having his medications delivered to our house in a package called the Medbox. We had no idea what this was.  He further explained that some of his adolescent patients and their parents told him about this great time saving device. We then scheduled an appointment and a pharmacist from Mail-Meds visited our home. He explained the features and benefits of the Mail-Meds Medbox.  All I kept thinking was I hope this thing really works because sometimes things sounds too good to be true. Now I wish I had only known about their Medbox earlier. The Medbox makes it impossible to over medicate my son because each dose is packaged individually with a date, time and also the name of each medication. It’s also spill proof, tamper resistant and makes traveling with medications while on vacation quite easy. One of the best things about the Medbox is my son can now manage his own medications and I don't have to worry about him missing a dose or over medicating himself".


We want to say “thank you” to all the staff at Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy for making this part of our life a lot easier. Keep up the good work!


Daisy & Joseph – Tampa, FL

Dear Mail-Meds,


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help with my Mom’s prescription medications. Ever since she began using the SimpleMed+ service her health has been better. I know she doesn’t forget to take her medications thanks to the reminders the SimpleMed+ provides, and the confirmation emails I get when she takes her medications help me sleep better not having to worry if she’ll end up in the emergency room again because she forgot to take her pills. Your service has made her life healthier and safer and given me and her other caregivers peace of mind.


Thank you again for such a great product and service.


Sincerely,  Betty C.”

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"Having my meds packaged for me saves me time and is very convenient. Just grab a pack and go.... no need to check if everything is there."


Marc C. -  N. Ft. Myers, FL

"Besides my doctor's care, Mail-Meds plays a major part in my condition and well being today. They divide all my meds by dose and time of day in sealed little compartments. In my mind there is no other choice for my pharmacy needs".


Thomas C. -  Cape Coral, FL

" Mail-Meds is a great company! I no longer drive to the pharmacy and stand in line. My meds are bubble packed into daily doses, dated and delivered to my front door. They contact my doctor for refills on all my prescriptions when necessary. Mail-Meds does all this for me."


Ken M. -  Bokeelia, FL

"The Medbox works well for me by relieving me of the stress felt when deciding how I am going to organize my medications each day. Whether at home or traveling... the individual cups afford me the freedom to decide how many cups I will need to take with me."


Tom C. -  Daytona Beach, FL

"When it comes to managing my prescriptions, the Medbox is the greatest thing. I can always check to see if I've taken my meds or not. Medbox is the only way to go."


Harold M. -  Cape Coral, FL


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Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy is the industry leader and the authority in Adherence Pharmacy. Defined as the clinical practice of improving medication adherence for patients that are prescribed complicated medication regimens, Adherence Pharmacy focuses on empowering the patient to manage their difficult medication regimen while improving their health and quality of life.

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