Medbox 4-Week Card

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Medbox 4-Week Card

Medbox™ Personalized Pill Box System

Our proprietary and unique multi-dose blister package called the Medbox™ is a personalized pill box that provides patients with completely organized medication regimens in an easy-to-use and labeled calendar card. Each Medbox™ is filled at our pharmacy using state-of-the-art dispensing technology. Our Medbox™ completely eliminates multiple pill bottles, counting out pills, patients incorrectly filling their own pill boxes or the need to hire an in-home professional to fill a pill box.

Detached Blister with Med Information


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Medbox™ 4-Week Card: 

The Medbox™ 4-Week Card is a 28-day “administration time” specific card for patients prescribed medications once or twice daily. Each card contains 28 doses of the same morning and/or bedtime medication regimen. Each easy-open blister is printed with the patient’s name, date, time of administration and a complete listing of all the enclosed medications. Each Medbox™ 4-Week Card is individually labeled with complete medication instructions and contains pictures of each medication for easy identification.

MedboxTM 4-Week Card

Detachable Blisters for the "On the Go" Patient


All Medications are Clearly Marked on the Inside Cover




Product Training: All Mail-Meds adherence products come with an instruction guide that is included in the initial delivery. These pictorial guides demonstrate the proper use of our products and are translated in both English and Spanish. Mail-Meds can also provide in-home training services for special needs patients in certain geographic areas.

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Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy is the industry leader and the authority in Adherence Pharmacy. Defined as the clinical practice of improving medication adherence for patients that are prescribed complicated medication regimens, Adherence Pharmacy focuses on empowering the patient to manage their difficult medication regimen while improving their health and quality of life.

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