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Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy has a complete range of medication adherence tools and technologies available to help improve medication adherence. In addition, Mail-Meds can provide patients with the necessary education to ensure that they understand how to use the adherence tools provided by our pharmacy. A combination of the proper adherence tools and adherence training can make a remarkable difference in a patient’s life.

Medbox™ Weekly Card


Our proprietary and unique multi-dose blister package called the Medbox™ is a personalized pill box that provides patients with completely organized medication regimens in an easy-to-use and labeled calendar card. Our Medbox™ Weekly Card is a 7-day blister card with four (4) medication administration times (morning, noon, evening and bedtime).  Learn more



The Pil-Bob® is a medication extraction device uniquely designed to help remove medications directly from each Medbox™ blister.  Learn more

MyMedSchedule Smart Phone App


MyMedSchedule® is a secure, state-of-the-art, mobile app that is easily downloaded on to the patient’s smart phone and provides the patient with customized text and/or email medication reminder messages.

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SimpleMed+ Medication Dispensing System


Our SimpleMed+ Medication Dispensing System is an advanced mobile weekly medication dispenser designed to work with our Medbox™ Weekly Card. Learn more