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Helping you help your patients

At JTJ Medical Supply, Inc. which operates all Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy and Bliss Rx locations we provide exclusive services to our provider partners and we're always looking for ways to improve your patients’ care. Our dedicated team provides:


  • Eliminates administrative and clinical burdens placed on physicians
  • Initiating and facilitating prescription authorizations and refills
  • Communicating with insurance companies to determine patient-specific benefits
  • Customized patient reports regarding adherence and dispensing history
  • Centralized billing and custom invoicing
  • Provides patient specific management of multiple conditions and medications
  • Offers clinical counselling, including preventive and better self-care
  • One-on-one patient care with pharmacist consults to review medication adherence, potential side effects, and self-care tips


Our pharmacy services will save you time by letting you

focus more on your patients.

At Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy and Bliss Rx we believe in creating strong pharmacist and prescriber relationships to improve the health within our community.  We care about your patients and take the time to counsel them on their medications, answer any questions, and stride to know them on a personal basis.  When you refer your patients to Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy and Bliss Rx we'll treat them like family, and we'll do our part to maximize their compliance and ensure that they'll get the prescriptions they need at an affordable price.


Prior Authorization

Our exceptional team is ready to perform data entry and make the necessary calls to acquire and confirm all information required to gain prescription drug benefit coverage for your patients.







Patient Education

and Compliance Management


Patient administration that includes initial counselling with patients, reviewing any potential medication side effects and stressing the importance of safety and adherence. This also includes education to help mitigate the risk of patient non-adherence and medication misuse that ensures the provider’s treatment goals are achieved.



We understand the nuances of filling prescriptions especially scheduled medications, and the special handling needs that they have. You and your patients can be assured that on time refills are part of the service we provide.






Our pharmacy software system works with Surescripts® and eRx Network® (formerly Change Healthcare™) via a secure network for e-prescribing. Benefits of e-Prescribing include:


  • Increased prescription accuracy
  • Eliminates phone and fax refill requests
  • Eliminates patient wait time


If your EMR / EHR is Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) certified we can receive these prescriptions from you electronically.  EPCS gives practitioners the ability to designate exactly which pharmacy is to fill a controlled prescription. This will eliminate the potential for pharmacy shopping and make it much easier for doctors to validate pain contracts established with chronic patients.  This is also a beneficial tool for practitioners in combating drug diversion and assuring that the right patient is getting the correct drug, at the same pharmacy, at the appropriate time.


We Value Your Feedback


JTJ Medical Supply, Inc. which operates all Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy and Bliss Rx locations values your partnership. We are committed to ensuring that we provide the highest quality services to you and your patients.  To help us continue to improve, please take a moment to provide us with feedback. All information will be confidential.


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Chronic Conditions


Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy and Bliss Rx has affordable and comprehensive care for patients who suffer from a range of diseases and chronic conditions. Please click below to download our enrollment forms:


HIV/AIDS Patient Enrollment form

Hepatitis-C Patient Enrollment form