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MyMedSchedule Smart Phone App

MyMedSchedule® is a secure, state-of-the-art, mobile app that is easily downloaded on to the patient’s smart phone and provides the patient with customized text and/or email medication reminder messages. The MyMedSchedule® application may also be used to print a copy of the patient’s medication schedule. Visit

Thousands of patients and caregivers use MyMedSchedule®  to set medication reminders, manage meds and labs on the go and make it easier to communicate with their healthcare providers. MyMedSchedule®  also includes My Health Tracker and lets you record all your lab results and vital signs.

Take the right dose at the right time

  • Receive reminders to take your medications by text or email
  • Print schedules that are easy to create, read, and update
  • Keep track of all your medications
  • Bring your pill schedule to all your medical and dental appointments
  • Print schedules in English or Spanish

My Health Tracker

  • Keep a list of all your lab results and vital signs
  • Graph results to track progress
  • Set personal goals and compare them to your actual results
  • Quick and easy data entry


Your information is secure

  • Your personal health information is protected by SSL encryption and will not be redistributed or resold