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Receive your medications organized in our easy-to-use Medbox™ weekly card.



The perfect "7 days of the week and 4 times of the day" medication  dispenser.


Our simple-to-use blister packages are sealed with micro-thin foil for easy medication administration.


Medbox Weekly Card

Medbox™ Personalized Pill Box System

Our proprietary and unique multi-dose blister package called the Medbox™ is a personalized pill box that provides patients with completely organized medication regimens in an easy-to-use and labeled calendar card. Each Medbox™ is filled at our pharmacy using state-of-the-art dispensing technology. Our Medbox™ completely eliminates multiple pill bottles, counting out pills, patients incorrectly filling their own pill boxes or the need to hire an in-home professional to fill a pill box.

Medbox™ Weekly Card:  

The Medbox Weekly Card is a 7-day weekly blister card with four (4) medication administration times (morning, noon, evening and bedtime). The Medbox™ Weekly Card is ideal for patient’s prescribed medications 3 or 4 times during the day. Each Medbox™ Weekly Card is individually labeled with complete medication instructions and contains pictures of each medication for easy identification.