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The Medbox™ 4-Week blister card has perforations to remove an individual dose or a week’s worth of doses.


Pre-organized medication dispensing products.


Remote monitoring tools that improve adherence and report progress.


Adherence Pharmacy

Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy is the industry leader and the authority in Adherence Pharmacy. Defined as the clinical practice of improving medication adherence for patients that are prescribed complicated medication regimens, pharmacies that practice Adherence Pharmacy provide patients with a comprehensive pharmacy care program that includes patient education, refill reminders and adherence tools inclusive of pre-organized medications and dose administration reminders. In more complicated cases, technologies can be utilized to provide patients with dose cues and administration reminders while simultaneously providing their caregiver with the ability to remotely monitor medication adherence progress.


Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy has combined these state-of-the-art technologies with personalized patient care to develop our Six-Step Adherence Pharmacy Program.


This program includes:

Step 1: Telephonic or In-Home Enrollment

Step 2: Medication Therapy Review

Step 3: Dispensing Date Alignment

Step 4: Adherence Tools

Step 5: Product Training & Delivery

Step 6: Adherence Monitoring & Refill Services